The Only Jay-Z Post I Will Ever Write… Ever.

Jan 04 2010

Originally posted: January 4, 2010

Note: This will be the only post I will ever do on Jay-Z and his alleged “connections” with secret societies. Just so you’re not mislead, this isn’t going to prove it one way or the other. It’s just a post about why it’s dumb to argue it.


I intended to write this impartial article about why arguing about Jay-Z’s alleged alliance with secret organizations is completely pointless. And truthfully I still believe that it is pointless. People are going to believe what they want because of the Perseverance Effect. I tried to remain as impartial as possible not because I didn’t want to offend anybody but because anyone who goes against social norms is bullied. No, not shoved into lockers but chastised. Apparently, anyone claiming Jay-Z is evil and sneaky is a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Also, anyone saying Jay-Z is pure and has done no wrong is an ignorant and blind follower of mainstream rap. I didn’t want to be labeled as either.

The Perseverance Effect

Essentially this means that a person’s beliefs will persist even in the face of damning evidence. In other words, if I tell you I’m rich and you say I’m not, then I pull up in a Bugatti Veyron, start blowing my nose in hundred dollar bills, and show you my bank account then you’re still going to be convinced that I’m poor.

Thus in relation to Jay-Z, if somehow I had pictures of Jay-Z in a church, praising Jesus, being baptized, reciting verses, taking communion, and being ordained as a Minister, it wouldn’t matter. Then, if Mr. Carter also explained all these mysterious references to secret organizations by wanting to draw in listeners and then secretly convert everyone to Christianity nobody would believe me or him.


The baptism of Sean Carter.

The baptism of Sean Carter.

On the flip side, if I could prove that his Rocafella symbol was satanic and provided the papers where he signed “I am a Mason.” it wouldn’t matter because his fans would defend that too. They’d say that he was just doing that to get people talking and hype up his album and produce more sales. “Yo he’s playing yall! He’s just sayin that to get yall talkin!”

"I, Sean Carter, do pledge to make vague allusions to a secret society."

“I, Sean Carter, do pledge to make not-so-vague allusions to this not-so-secret society.”

Think about it for a second. If Jay is a Mason or whatever else it probably won’t change anything. It won’t change the fact that he’s probably the best selling rapper. He’s a business man.  It won’t stop him from making his creepy videos. With that said, can we be real for like two seconds? Okay give me 5 minutes of your time. Regardless of which side you’re on, can we all agree that there are DEFINITELY symbols that are mysterious in his lyrics, videos, and clothes? Coincidence? Purposeful? We won’t know but come on. How is it a coincidence to have quotes like “Do what thou wilt” on a supposed hip hop clothing line? There’s no way that phrase was randomly put on a shirt… Ah well.

***Disclaimer: I am not saying that Jay-Z is part of any secret organization. I am merely presenting some facts to you that show that he clearly has an affinity for the symbols of these organizations. Whether he’s doing it for publicity/hype/to get people talking or if he’s actually a member you, me, and your mom will never know.***

Now before people pop off, let me be clear. I’m not discouraging debate on whether or not you think he’s involved in sketchy not-so-secret secret societies. That’s healthy. Sort of.  But just know that debating it online especially will more than likely get you nowhere. Jay is what Jay is. Secret Organization Member or not he’s selling records. If you don’t believe he’s a member keep buying albums, going to concerts, and enjoying your favorite artist. If you do believe he is, stop buying albums, going to concerts, and tweeting about him. Either way take a step back and remember that he is an ARTIST. He’s not your brother, cousin, uncle, or homie. Why are you trying so hard to defend or denounce him? Ask yourself why there are so many “coincidences” in his lyrics and his videos. The one fully opposing Jay-Z thing that I will say is this. The man calls himself Hova and sometimes Jay-Hova. Jay-Hova? Jehovah? Jehovah is Hebrew for God and Jay-Z has said multiple times that he’s God. Yes, I know people from NY call each other god all the time as part of the five percent culture but come on.

Also, I’m kind of happy people are reading so much into his songs and lyrics but if you think he’s the only one who doesn’t have Christian values in rap music then we’re all being played. Everyone who gives props to God at awards show isn’t a Christian. There are Rastafarians, Five Percenters, Buddhists, Taoists, etc. I think once we realize that rappers in general are not always who they say they are we won’t be surprised when we’re presented with a product that goes against our own beliefs.

And there you have it. The only post I’ll ever do on this stuff. I didn’t want to in the first place but whether or not I want to admit it, I guess I’m a blogger now so I have to be relevant. So go comment. How do you feel about all this talk of Jay-Z being a Mason and part of the Illuminati? Ridiculous? True? Do you care? Which side are you on?

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